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Our partners and customers show us that Paiwise services can be used in all possible ways, for use-cases that we could not even imagine ourselves. With strong security, seamless integration and the power to make the world a smarter place, Paiwise services are here for you.

This is Paiwise

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Identity services

Paiwise digital identity services are secure and versitile, harmonizing decentralized and self-sovereign IDs with both new and existing identity models. 

For digital IDs to be really smart, and be a true catalyst for positive and sustainable societal change, they need to work in all kinds of real-world applications, across domains and use cases, and they need to work both online and off-line. Paiwise identity services tick all of those boxes.



The Paiwise payments system allows for more intelligent transactions, between people or between devices in IoT applications. With Paiwise smart payments, we support our partners and customers with smart, cash, programmatic money, conditional payments and micro-transactions.

Paiwise can be implemented as a traditional payment service with check-out and mobile points-of-sale, and you can add eWallets, subscriptions, clip cards, membership payments and much more.​

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Digital Assets

Managing digital assets has never been this easy. With modern, secure and easy-to-use interfaces, Paiwise offers eWallet management and cost efficient transactions—at the highest level of security you can imagine.

Use our digital asset services to create, publish, manage and trade your digital assets with Paiwise technology—whether it's tokens, stable coin currency or NFTs.

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