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Identity services

Paiwise identity services offer unlimited opportunities for creating trust-based apps and dapps based on secure identities that can be used in use-cases around the world.  

What are identity services?

Paiwise offers an alternative—a secure, decentralized identity solution that puts you in control of your personal information. Its built-in device privacy and smart payment functionality benefits development and digitalization throughout society.


New possibilities emerge for the unbanked, as people in informal economies are able to enter financial services ecosystems.

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Why identity services?

Secure digital identities can be used for age verification, single sign-on logins without passwords, for signing contracts, opening doors—online and offline, interacting with other people and devices and for performing secure instant payments.


The possibilities really are endless!

Identity Services

Online and offline
Global solution
Continuous KYC

Paiwise in use today

Man med digital tablett
Decentralized logistics

Bag’O use Paiwise technology to turn the asset of weight into digital value, so that travelers can buy, sell and trade weight as easy as other services or goods.

Image by Ian
BodaBoda taxis

BodaBoda drivers in Uganda use Paiwise ID and eWallet technology to build credit score, manage payments and grow their businesses.

Box Delivery
The Internet of logistics

Logtrade uses Paiwise technology to create self-aware packages, so that trade units can pay their way forward from sender to recipient, optimizing logistics.

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