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With Embedded payments, businesses can take advantage of cutting-edge payment technology to enhance their revenue streams and provide seamless payment experiences for their customers.

Embedded Payments

Elevate your business revenue and simplify the payment process for your customers with Embedded payments. Our forward-thinking technology offers a secure and intelligent method for businesses to monetize their products through embedded payments.

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Embedded payments as a service

Embedded payments can open up new revenue streams for your businesses by allowing them to monetize your platforms or offer additional services more effectively and efficiently. By integrating payment processing capabilities within their platforms, businesses can offer additional services or premium content for a fee, or charge transaction fees for third-party purchases made through your platform.


Improved security and fraud prevention

Embedded payments can provide enhanced security measures, such as tokenization and encryption and Machine readable authentication, to protect user data and prevent fraud and unauthorized transactions. By integrating payment processing capabilities within your platform,  you can also maintain greater control over your entire payment process, reducing the risk of fraud or errors.


Well integrated Payments

Embedded payments are well-integrated in nature. With Neuro-Pay, payment options are seamlessly integrated into the overall customer experience, whether that's a website, app, or other platforms. By integrating payment options directly into the customer experience, you can eliminate the need for customers to navigate to a separate payment portal or interface.
Create a more cohesive and user-friendly experience for your customers while reducing friction in the payment process.

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Programmatic payments

Programmatic payments refer to a type of payment processing that relies on automated software programs to initiate, manage, and reconcile payments between two parties. In this system, payments are triggered by pre-set conditions, such as the delivery of goods or completion of services, and are carried out without the need for human intervention.


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Logtrade uses Neuro-Pays programmatic payments to create a self-aware logistics system, where trade units can order shipping based on conditions in the smart contract. Certified distributors can then pick up and transport the units, leveraging the power of decentralized logistics to create a more efficient and cost-effective system. Logtrade's programmatic payments solution ensures secure and reliable transactions, reducing the risk of fraud and errors.



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