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Neuro-Pay is a smart payment system for existing and new businesses in a multitude of domains around the world. 

About Neuro-Pay

By introducing cross-domain digital assets, secure identities, and payments that work for humans, machines, and infrastructures, Neuro-Pay enables clients' businesses to grow and scale new dimensions with efficiency and speed. 


Using Neuro-Pay's modules, you can energize your business with the right tools to manage data insights, identities, and financial transactions. 


Neuro-Pay is now operating in the Nordics, Latin America, and Africa, growing fast into new markets. 


Image by David Dvořáček

Why Neuro-Pay

Neuro-Pay is not your traditional payment service.


With a decentralized infrastructure and a secure and modern way of managing identities that respect your privacy, adds smart capabilities to money, and provides data insights when you want it, in the context that you want.


We differentiate ourselves from the centralized and cloud-based tech solutions that are common in the world today. 

Our partners

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