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The world of Neuro-Pay

Learn more about how our customers use Neuro-Pay's technology today, to enable smart life solutions such as digital IDs, smart payments and true IoT connectivity, with privacy protection built into the device itself.
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Neuro-Pay in use today

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Decentralized logistics

Bag’O uses Neuro-Pay technology to turn the asset of weight into digital value, so that travelers can buy, sell and trade weight as easy as other services or goods.

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BodaBoda taxis

BodaBoda drivers in Uganda uses Neuro-Pay ID and eWallet technology to build credit score, manage payments and grow their businesses.

The Internet of logistics

Logtrade uses Neuro-Pay technology to create self-aware packages, so that trade units can pay their way forward from sender to recipient, optimizing logistics.

Box Delivery
Digital municipality

The Brazilian municipality of Itu is implementing Neuro-Pay to offer their citizens secure digital identity services and fraud-protected mobile payments.

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Sports eWallet

The first and only sports club eWallet has been launched in Sweden and it is based on Neuro-Pay, providing financial transparency for clubs and teams.

Mobile escrow service

Vaulter, a Powrs service, uses Neuro-Pay to provide safe payments through programmatic, conditional smart money instead of traditional escrow accounts.


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