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Digital Assets

With Paiwise, you can turn physical assets into tradable tokens, assigning digital value to entities large or small.

What are
Digital Assets?

Paiwise provides the foundation for creating a financial ecosystem for trading all kinds of assets that have been tokenized. Parts of animals, land, sports event seats and more can be turned into ditigal assets with a value.  


Why digital

Physical assets turned into tokens create business opportunities for both individuals and forward-thinking enterprises, with technology safeguarding transactions using smart, legally binding contracts proving ownership of the assets.


Smart contracts
Legally binding
Efficient monetization
Asset-backed tokens
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Paiwise in use today

Image by Ian
BodaBoda taxis

BodaBoda drivers in Uganda use Paiwise ID and eWallet technology to build credit score, manage payments and grow their businesses.

Mobile escrow service

Vaulter, a Powrs service, uses Paiwise to provide safe payments through programmatic, conditional smart money instead of traditional escrow accounts.

Digital municipality

The Brazilian municipality of Itu are implementing Paiwise to offer their citizens secure digital identity services and fraud-protected mobile payments.

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