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Itu municipality

The municipality of Itu has partnered up with our client Tech Pro Nobis to introduce  Neuro-Pay technologies that will make Brazil truly digital, using eBox and eID for digital ID services and secure mobile payments.

A smart society

The Brazilian municipality of Itu is implementing Neuro-Pay technology to offer citizens digital wallets including secure digital identity services, credit score functionality and fraud-protected mobile payments.

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The goal

Itu’s digital communication and transaction system provides a standardized and efficient way for distributing public sector information, making the municipality truly digital.


Neuro-Pay tools will be a facilitator for digital growth in other parts of Brazil too, as more municipalities will follow Itu’s pioneering digitalization project.


The solution

By utilizing Neuro-Pay inter-connected services, the Itu municipality is now able to digitalize its operations, offering secure, harmonized digital IDs, smart payments and a range of other e-services for the benefit of society.


With Tech Pro Nobis as partners, Neuro-Pay offers decentralized eID’s, distributed ledger features and smart payments. Secure digital IDs and the Swaip payment app will be a facilitator for digital growth throughout the Brazilian society.

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